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Giving Time

Our main base is a small office unit in Witney, where we store donated food items, gather to give time and generally make it all happen.

We also have a warehouse unit in nearby New Yatt where the van teams take newly donated items and collect everything from baby clothes to household appliances for delivery to those in need.

There are many ways you can give your time.

Collecting or Delivering
Household Items for Those in Need

Time-givers can go out on the van collecting donated items and delivering them to the homes of those in need.

_DSC0216 (1).jpeg

Preparing or Delivering Food Donations

Time-givers can put together food parcels (from donated food items) and then deliver them to those in need.


Behind the Scenes

Time-givers can support the Besom in Witney in other ways such as:


  • sorting incoming donations of food, bed linen, baby clothes, household appliances etc

  • co-ordinating or assessing projects

  • helping with other "back office" tasks

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Contact us via email at or just click here.

The Besom in Witney - Regd. Charity Number 1146040

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