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Latest News - May 2024

Dear Friends and Supporters

Welcome to the May 2024 Newsletter from the Besom in Witney.  This month the focus is on just four items where we'd welcome your prayer support.  Could you please pray for:-

  • Those disadvantaged people (individuals or families) across West Oxfordshire who receive support from the Besom in Witney.  In particular, please pray that we can make a difference, and that through our actions and words, these people receive a sense of God's love for them in their daily lives.

  • The working relationship between Besom in Witney and those who refer disadvantaged clients to us. Just a few days ago (on 16th May), the Besom in Witney trustees (plus a few others) met up informally with several social care professionals, along with representatives from some local churches and Christian charities. The meeting aimed at creating better personal contacts with these people and hence better support for those in need.

  • The Besom in Witney team of time-givers, as we look to the future. Many of our volunteers are of retirement age, and one key person now feels that it's time to take a step back.  Please pray that some of our friends and supporters will feel called to offer their time, and especially that we'll be blessed with some younger people, bringing their energy, vision and media communication skills to support our work.

  • The Besom in Witney trustees, some of whom are quite new to the role, as they seek the Lord's guidance.  The challenge is how we can change with the times whilst retaining our core mission to act as a bridge between those who wish to give and those in need.

We would really appreciate your prayers.

Every blessing

The team at the Besom in Witney

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