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What Areas Do We Cover?


We are based in Witney and cover an area extending from Leafield in the north to Standlake in the south, and from Burford in the west to Woodstock in the east. 

Legal Research and Writing
How to Refer a Client

  • Please check the location of your client, to ensure that the Besom in Witney covers that area.

  • Please contact us by email with the details of just one individual or family per email.  Please don't send an email with a list of clients who need help.

  • If the client is in need of items other than Food Packs, please just email the following information about the client: name, address, phone number(s) and the items needed.

  • For any client in need of Food Packs, please email all of the above information about the client plus: number of adults, number of children, ages of children and any dietary needs etc.

  • For all client referrals, please list any risks that may be present. (Besom in Witney expect the referrer to have assessed the risk as far as possible.)


  • What is NOT needed: Background to the client’s situation and why they need the items.  No information about this is needed at all, so please don't put this in the email. 

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What We Can Offer
Food Packs

We receive donations of non-perishable foodstuff from churches, schools and individuals and supply regular food packs to a number of clients.  Typically a food pack might contain a mix of tinned food, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, instant coffee, tea etc.

Furniture and House Packs

We also accept donations of furniture and other household items that are in good condition but no longer needed by their owners.  Please note that we don't accept any white goods (fridges, washing machines etc), any furniture needs a "fire safety tag" where appropriate, and we don't accept electrical goods more than five years old.


In addition to this, we provide starter packs for people moving into accommodation who do not even have the essentials such as cups, plates, cutlery, a kettle etc.

Bedding and Towels

We also supply good quality bedding (sheets, duvet covers, pillows and pillow cases) and towels.

Projects such as Decorating and Gardening

We operate from a warehouse where we have decorating and gardening equipment as well as a Transit van. This equipment is used from time to time by groups from local churches who approach us, wanting to give their time in their local community.  

If you contact us, then we will arrange to meet at your client's house in order to assess the potential project. Once you and your client are happy, we can take the next steps, depending upon the availability of volunteers.

Please note that at present none of our time-givers are able to manage such projects, so we are currently unable to provide this particular service.

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